In a lot of the larger malls and restaurants here there is a security booth similar to airport security.  There’s at least a walk-through metal detector, and usually someone with a hand-held to frisk you down before you step inside.  Sometimes there’s even a scanner that you have to put your bags through.

Ignorant American teenager that I am, I’m not really sure why or when they implemented these security measures, but I do know that all you have to do to circumvent them is to be a woman.

Indians are notoriously squeamish about relations between sexes, and if the company doesn’t have a female security guard, a separate line, and a curtained booth they won’t even look at you.

I can understand the female to frisk you, but why the booth? We all know terrorism is sexy, but does modesty extend to such lengths women can’t run an electronic device over the sides of another fully clothed woman in public view? It’s not as if they’re even thorough.  Most of them look like they been out there, running a black stick over people since 6 in the morning for the last week, for the past three years.  A cursory swish over your sides and you’re good to go.

Also, in that dark little closet, if it was a slow time of day, and I happened to be a terrorist, I could knock the woman out, walk away, and continue with my evil plot.  I would probably have at least 15 minutes to detonate the bomb, or rob the safe, or do whatever my plan entails.

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