Ellie and Dad’s first day in Hyderabad

We are in Dubai.  I wish we could get out of the airport and explore.  There are women with the full birka of course, and other sights to see, even in the airport.

Ellie and I decided to brush our teeth in the first bathroom we came to.  Men’s came first, so in I went.  Decidedly strange.  The anteroom was lined with wooden cubbies.  There were a pair of shoes in one of them, and a sign that said something about slippers.

I looked down at my own shoes with some hesitation, but continued on.  I passed a room on my left, I paused.  It was tiled like a bathroom, water fixtures too.  But no, something was wrong.  There were only low tiled benches around the perimeter and water faucets mounted low on the wall.  Hmm.  I moved forward looking down at my shod feet again as I crossed the threshold into a carpeted room.  I stopped abruptly.  I low humming or murmuring came to my ears.  On the far side of the room stood a well dressed a man with his pants conspicuously rolled up, showing his freshly washed bare feet.  He had his back to me and was praying.

I quickly retreated to find Ellie outside reading the sign more carefully than I had.  “Men’s prayer room”.


8:30 pm



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2 Responses to Ellie and Dad’s first day in Hyderabad

  1. Love it! Tell us more! Any pictures from the day today? Mom

  2. jenny says:

    No trip is complete without little mishaps like that. Have a great time Tony & Ellie!

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