Eleanor’s India

It’s the end of December, Christmas Day. This is a brand new blog, and I’m happy to have found a blog site that doesn’t require a gmail account. The purpose of this blog is to update my friends and family of my status as I travel to India.

My mother suggested this form of communication, as she is worried about my welfare in a foreign country half way around the world that has no discernible form of health care or sanitation.

I finished my rabies shots a few months ago; they’re a series of three, each a week apart. Of course, those shots won’t protect me against mange, Typhoid, Polio, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephelitis, Malaria, and a host of other fascintating diseases and infections I was somehow not vaccinated for.

Because I have nothing else to write about and an unhealthy obsession with Bill Bryson is a common malady of my family, I’ve decided to research India with a fervor that can only be called slight.

Not that I don’t find Indian culture interesting; it is, highly. It’s just that I’m a natural procrastinator, and I’d rather be staring at the ceiling than doing anything productive.

My first impulse was to research the exchange rate between USD and INR, (Indian Rupee). Unbelievably, it’s $1.00-45.00. I was very happy when I read that.

More about India sometime in the future.

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